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Buckyball at the Exploratorium!

From now until September, 2016, head over to San Francisco's Exploratorium to see artist Leo Villareal's latest installation, Buckyball.

Mission Rock Pictures had the opportunity to cover the installation of this illuminating piece, both as a crane hoisted it over the pier, and as the artist spent some quality time programming it.

"I've always loved the Exploratorium," said Villareal as he sat with the piece before its March 5th opening. "It's a place where artists, scientists, tinkerers and everyone can come together and make something interactive. The spirit of it is really great and I've always admired the institution."

One thing caught Villareal's eye unexpectedly. The reflection of Buckyball off the water below the installation. It was completely breathtaking.

You can watch a video we threw together of some of the unaltered reflections right here:

For more information about Buckyball, visit the Exploratorium's website here.

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