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We currently have a number of new film projects in different stages of development. Select an image above to learn more about them.


Impossible Light, captures the dreamers from far out idea to reality with breathtaking footage and inspiring interviews… Ambers moves the film at a brisk and suspenseful pace, while composer Kevin T Doyle creates a stirring, emotionally resonant score. The result is a captivating document of a once in a lifetime art project.”

                                                  – Charlie Swanson, North Bay Bohemian


“Ambers was essentially a one-man film crew, climbing to the bridge’s highest point with a camera strapped on, and the resulting footage is spectacular (and harrowing)… an uplifting film for a universally inspirational work of public art.”

                                              – Bernard Boo, Way Too Indie


“Interspersed between the interviews is some remarkable footage of the installation including setbacks caused by either the elements or the experimental nature of the whole venture. Ambers shows a true gift for editing as the momentum never flags, and the evocative score by Kevin T. Doyle lends a nicely surreal touch to the story.”

                                                            – Ed Uyeshima, The Examiner



​“The story told is a powerful example of what’s possible when you dream (very) big, and can successfully inspire engagement among all key stakeholders.”

                                                          – Sarah McKinney,

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